Multimax rig

Multimax is an adjustable 3dsMax character rig, that you can set up as quick as it gets and without rigging skills outside of basic skinning.

All you need to do is import your character, move around tuners to appropriate positions and rig will adjust in real time.

You will get bipedal character rig with all the industry standard features like:

  • IK/FK switch
  • IK/FK snap
  • Arc limbs
  • Stretch/Squash
  • Volume preservation
  • Extra limb's length/bend controls
  • Simplified Fingers/Foot controls
  • Hybrid IK/FK spine setup
  • Mirror/Flip/Reset Pose

You will get:

  • Multimax rig
  • Demo character
  • 3 sets of 4k textures for the demo character

In the future, I plan to add proper documentation and tutorials, add more features and make a lighter version for export in the game engines.

setup process:

rig showcase:

Release Notes

It is now all under one license for 25$

Single Artist
License: Extended Commercial License
Stock Assets

For use on an unlimited number of commercial projects with no limits on sales or views.

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Standard License for Freelancers or a single artist within an organization. Read MoreRead Less
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